Site Rules

Art. 01 Entry Of The Site

By signing the registration form, each participants accepts the following rules which are valid during the complete duration of the meeting. These site rules are handed out together with the advance registration and at the entrance of the site. They are published in the programme booklet as well. Every participant has been informed about these site rules. If the rules are violated the organisation team will exercise their property rights.

Art. 02 Erecting of Tents and Parking Vehicles

Vehicles may only be parked and Tents may only be erected in designated areas. Please respect a safe distance to the neighbouring encampments but use as little space as possible.

Art. 03 Meeting Fee

A daily fee is collected according to the registration form. All preregistered participants must pay the fee in advance by money transfer or in cash. Not pre-registered participants must pay the entrance fee before entering the meeting site. Cheques, credid cards, debit cards or foreign currencies are not accepted.The correct payment must be documented by attatching the registration number clearly visibly to your vehicle.

The reception is open from Wednesday, July 25, 2012, 10 am, till Sunday, July 29, 2012, noon. Each participant arriving during this time has to pay the applicable fee for the duration of the stay.

Art. 05 Safety

Open fires are not permitted on the lawns. Ground fires are strictly prohibited except in fire rings provided by the organiser. Gas or charcoal grilles must be controlled at all times. Make sure that your charcoal ashes are cold before disposal. Any camp stove has to be used with great caution. The launching of sky lanterns or wish baloons (toy hot air baloons with open fire) is strictly prohibited according to the applicable state law. Do not enter the new artificial turf soccer ground. It is clearly marked by signs.

Art. 06 Animals, Pets

Dogs and other animals must be on leash at all times. You must not let them run free or leave them unattended or locked in your car anywhere on the site. You must walk your animal outside the site. Any droppings of your pets have to be removed immediately.

Art. 07 Trafic

Maximum speed on the meeting site is 5 kph. Vehicles must use marked roads. Do not block marked roads at any time. In case of extremely bad weather, the organiser can ban the driving of vehicles on parts or the complete site. . You may only drive on roads clearly marked by the organiser.

Art. 08 Use of Sanitary Facilities

All sanitary facilities must be treated carefully and must be left behind in a proper clean manner. Placing stickers or posters or writing on the facilities is prohibited. Garbage must be disposed of properly at designated garbage collection sites. Please recycle! We only accept typical meeting refuse in normal quantities. Maintenance and repair of vehicles is only allowed in designated areas.

Art. 09 Theft

During the meeting, the organisers are not liable for theft or damage of the participants' property. Each participant is responsible for his or her personal belongings.

Art. 10 drinks / food

Private sale of food or drinks is not permitted on the entire meeting site. In case of violation of this rule, the organisers reserve the right to claim recourse or expell respective subjects from the site. Special permits are granted by the organisers.

Art. 11 Removal From The Premesis

The organisers reserve the right to remove anybody from the premises in case of a violation of these meeting rules, disturbance of the orderly course of the meeting, assault of other participants, theft or disorderly conduct.

Art. 12 Miscellaneous

From 10 pm, in the camping area silence must be maintained. Waste water must be disposed of properly. Everybody is liable for any damages he or she causes. Parents will be liable for their children.

These Site Rules were prepared and enected by the organisers of the 5th International German Meeting of Friends of the 2CV

The Deux Chevaux Crew